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Dear Santa -

I've been a very good Kitty this year.

I've tried to better myself and learned to look inward for support and courage - I've come a long way. Drama is neatly packed away in a box in the attic. Friends are solid and recognizable now - I know who they are and it feels SO good. Not having to wonder is a big relief. I know who I am, what I believe and have surrounded myself with nothing but positive energy. (minus the FUBAR that was the 30STM Family Reunion - that one is still hanging over, looming - hopefully resolved by Spring of next year)

I have a few things that I want but I've already got everything I need.

- Good Friends
- Loving Family
- Wonderful Husband
- Great Job
- Metallic Pink Nintendo DSLite with Nintendogs
- Almost no bills
- Roof over my head
- My Mother finally under the same said roof!
- Authentic Japanese Rice Cooker/Steamer
- Working vehicle that I love
- Awesome co-workers

Who could ask for more?

Me. LOL :oP

I want:

A Sakura Bento Box Set
Nintendo Wii w/ Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
Hello Kitty Ear Muffs from Sanrio store
Hello Kitty / Kuromi Headphones from Sanrio Store
World Peas with Butter
FaeKittae wings (Monarch Butterfly wings with Maroon and Black coloring)
Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 3 - Mitsuru Kirijo Figure
Ron Paul for President
Quiet Click Keyboard for work
Torchwood Season 1 DVD
LOST Season 3 DVD
Nintendo DS - CSI Game

That's about it. I'm a pretty happy Kitty for the most part.

So what's on your wish list??


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