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GAH! Lunesta makes LaLa Land VIVID!!!

OK - so I've had insomnia for about 4 years and I've been taking Lunesta for most of it.  I love it - it almost always works and I wake up feeling pretty good most mornings.  Last night - OMG - that was a different story altogether.  Leading into this I must preface that I've been studying my Japanese pretty hard the last few weeks.  I've offered up my services to a friend, P.S. Gifford, to help translate his new Horror Compendium magazine - Gluttonlump's Chilling Tales and possibly his full book, The Curious Accounts of the Imaginary Friend into both Spanish and Japanese.  :o)  I've been using Gackt's music to aide in my studying - that tied together with the Lunesta made last night a crazy one.

I took my Lunesta around 9 or so.  It takes about 30 minutes for it to start working so I was a bit behind schedule.  I was already in bed and playing some Phantom Hourglass on my DS.  Poor hubby was stricken with tummy troubles so he was pretty much up and down for a big part of the night.  At some point I woke up hornier than a Horny Toad (I know TMI, right?)  I was dreaming about being with Gackt and actually being his - anyway I went to the bathroom and came back to bed hoping to just fall back asleep.  I did but fell into one of the weirdest dreams I've EVER had.  I was working as a translator in Japan.  David and I had started to go our separate ways - I liked Japan, he didn't - we weren't fighting or anything, we were actually good friends.  Until I started seeing Gackt.  We had been dating for a few weeks when David showed up at the restaurant we were at - he walked up and just began to wail on Gacchan.  I was horrified.  As Gackt lay on the floor bloodied and broken - David just dried his hands off on my napkin and walked out.  I screamed for a doctor.  Gackt was on the verge of death - the doctor was about to call it when I felt Gackt squeeze my hand ever so slightly.  We got him to the hospital in time and he healed of his wounds in pretty good time.  It was strange, it was as if I could feel Gackt in my arms - he was so fragile and bruised.  When he was released, he wanted to meet with David and settle things like men - not monsters.  In the end, Gackt had set David up with a couple of live-in Japanese maid girls and he was happy.  Gackt and I ended up going on a cruise and basically lived happily ever after.

I told hubby about it this morning and he has now promised to never wail on Gackt and as long as he gets the two maid girls - he's happy.  What a man!  :oP



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