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They say it's My Birthday!

Well, here we are.  Another new year, another birthday.  Last year was awesome - 2007 turned out to be a banner year at the Casa de Crews.  I'm pretty damned happy with what Davercles and I have accomplished this year.  New computer, Mom in the apt downstairs, some bills paid off, etc.  I'm definitely happy!

This morning while trying to get my warm pants out of the dryer, my Mother busted out of her apartment door and glomped me while yelling Happy Birthday.  This is EXTREMELY unusual for my Mom to do that - she always, always, always waits until 5:00PM on the dot to wish me Happy Birthday - it's just not official until the exact moment that I was born.  Incidentally the only time I've ever been on-time for something.  LOL
Anyway - she hands me a card and present and makes me open them.  I ended up being 15 minutes late for work - but hell, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  She got me the cutest Kitty watch I've ever seen.  It's SO shiny!  It's a bangle bracelet with a silver cat face with yellowish crystal eyes on it that flips up to view the watch underneath.  Kawaii!  I'll have to post a pic of it later.

Christmas was extremely bountiful as well.  Of course all the stuff I wanted was out of stock or on back order.  Yay.  So I ordered myself a couple of things - two Yaoi mangas, a couple of Gackt CDs (so I can have all the originals - he deserves the money for all the hard work and perfection he puts into his works), a pink crystal ring, Luxor for my DS, a Metallic Rose DS Lite and a couple of PS2 games.  From my Mom I got some pretty spiffy Pink Fur ear muffs (the kind that go behind your head), a bright pink DiscGear CD holder, a box of Dots (my favorite candy), a Hello Kitty alarm clock for my night stand and a Hello Kitty water cooler for my desk at work (it will probably NEVER have water in it though - mostly green tea or Kool-Aid).  When my bento box comes back in stock I'll be getting it and I'll be getting some FaeKittae wings later on this year as well.

Davercles and I spent about 3 hours in JoAnn Fabrics picking out Mom's presents.  She's retired from K-mart and has some time on her hands so we got her a couple of plastic cabinets with large drawers on wheels and filled it with crafting supplies.  Knitting needles, pin cushion, felt, paint, yarn, crochet needles, project kits, etc.  She had over 30 presents to unwrap as I wrapped each present individually and stuffed them in the drawers.  :o)

Davercles had the biggest Christmas haul though in terms of price - he got a few of them before Christmas like the Toshiba Laptop (named Lydia) and his black LEGO Star Wars DS Lite.  At Christmas I got him a couple of nice long sleeve T-shirts, a Sushi Kit, a book covering Small Arms from the Civil War to present day, Half Life 2 - The Orange Box, new mouse for the laptop and a spiffy backpack from Under Armor that was big enough for the 17" laptop but small enough to use everyday.  Mom got him some really nice comfy PJs, comfy house pants, a Black DiscGear CD holder, and some mini-M&Ms.

Not a bad way to end a year and start a new one!  Of course there was just a small tiny glitch in the works - we had to put Dave's car in the shop over New Year's - $425 and she'll be as good as used.  We really need to get Dave a better vehicle this year.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.  Blessings and Prosperity to you all!


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