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You Might Be A CADD Drafter If...

I just HAD to post this as I work at an Engineering Firm and my hubby is a Designer himself...

- You've ever been accused of being the IT Director because you have the biggest monitor in the office.

- You know vector calculus but you can't remember how to do long division.

- You think you are well dressed because your socks match.

- You've actually used every single function on your graphing calculator.

- It's Saturday, Sunny and 70 degrees outside - you are inside sitting at your computer.

- You think in 'Math'.

- You can translate English into Binary.

- You think CAD stands for COFFEE Aided Drafting.

- You know the glass is neither half full nor half empty; it is simply twice as big as it needs to be.

- You designed your child's fort or your dog house while at work. (Or in my hubby's case - your work table!)

- You've spent more than two minutes at a time discussing the difference between poly-lines and parallel lines.

- Your nightmares involve someone erasing or changing your customized AutoCAD menus.

Wow - Where did the time go?

Well, while dealing with the 30 Seconds To Mars debaucle for the Convergence and Family Reunion and all the extenuating crap that came with it - time has really flown. (Long story - if you don't know, don't ask - just a stupid ass promoter/crooked jerk and alot of feelings got hurt. I'll leave it at that for right now.)

I can't believe it's already almost December. My Mom is now up with us and I love having her around again. It's like vacation and she's having fun and trying new things too. Dave likes it because I'm WAY less stressed. I don't have to worry about her all the time. I took her to the Opry at the Ryman last weekend to see Loretta Lynn - she had a great time! For her birthday on December 1st we'll be taking her to see the Music City Christmas with the Rockettes. She's always loved the Rockettes performances. :o)

The weather is about to get really chilly in Tennessee. YAY! It's raining right now which means the obligatory Silent Hill soundtracks have come out to play. I REALLY need to get ahold of another copy of Silent Hill 3! I'm going through withdrawal!

Dave's Mom & Dad are coming up for a visit over Thanksgiving weekend - should be pretty peaceful - they aren't bringing our nephew Cody with them this time. I really adore my nephew but listening to Mom & Dad try to tell him to be quiet every five minutes while they are holding a conversation with two other people and they shout over each other to take control of the whole thing is just irritating. Glad it's just them this time. :o)

My Mom & I will be hitting the stores bright and early on Thanksgiving Day to get her a new TV and a few other goodies for her new place. She left alot behind in LA just because she didn't want to have to deal with all of it. Don't say that I blame her either. I would have probably done the same. We'll again be hitting the stores early on Friday. I have to be at Game Crazy on Friday morning when they open at 8am to get my limited edition Metallic Rose DS with the paw print on it. Their bundle is $100 cheaper than GameStop's and I don't need five Nintendog games anyway. One will do just fine.

Our last movie night was a huge blast. A really good time seemed to be had by all. We'll be doing it again on either the 8th or 15th of December. Only we'll try to limit it to a smaller size so we can all fit in the living room. This last time was just a mix of everyone catching up since Dragon*Con in September. :o) The theme for the next night will be Japanese comedy (i.e. Vermillion Pleasure Night, The Fuccons, etc.) Short episodes we can all watch and then heckle for an hour. :o) Basically what we are all best at! Hee hee hee!

Well, gotta git back to work. Talk to you guys soon!
Yuushii Kat

Cal State performs Video Games!

WOW. This is a school I would be proud to call my Alma Mater! Check out their half time presentation "Video Games". Destined to be a classic!

Written by a very talented friend of mine, posted with permission.

Mr. Spick and Mr. Span,
revved up their bright yellow van.
And off they sped down the street
An important task for to complete.
Harry had called them in quite a state,
they needed to hurry, no time to wait.
So the clean up guys sped off fast,
To complete their cleaning task.
Twelve minutes later they arrived
and parked their yellow van outside.
At Harry's house they leapt straight out.
"Help's arrived," they keenly did shout.

They knocked firmly upon Harry's door.
He did not answer, they knocked some more.
"I am coming chaps," Harry did cry. 
"Soon you two shall be inside!"
Finally our Harry opened the door,
And the two gasped at what they saw.
They spied the messiest messy mess,
They saw why Harry was so distressed!
Mr. Spick went for supplies,
whilst Mr. Span bravely went inside.
The house smelled, oh how it stunk,
"This is horrid," Mr. Spick solemnly thunk.

"What went wrong?" Mr. Spick said.
"I see your wife, she is quite dead!"
"But you shouldn't have diced her up so small,
Well, not at least in your downstairs hall."

Mr. Span returned with black trash bags
"Perfect," he said "for dispensing of hags!"
Then Harry's wife's parts were packed away,
and carefully they were taken away.

Then they got bottles of their propriety mix,
for clearing up blood it does the trick.
They scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed more,
to get all the stains of the hall's wooden floor.

Then they sprayed a magical yellow spray,
that made that foul odor go simply away!
Harry smiled and nodded, at a job well done
"Thank you fellows, thanks a ton."

Spick and Span bowed, and they said,
"That's our job, clearing up the dead.
Just next time watch all that messy blood,
Or they might lock you up in jail for good!"
They all laughed and laughed at the jokes,
Spick and Span are such funny blokes!
Then off they sped in their yellow van,
Leaving our Harry a happ-happy man.

So if you ever need a body disposing,
Call Spick and Span is what I'm proposing.
The finest clean up crew you'll ever see,
And what's more they do it for free!
(Brought to you by Spick and Span tasty pork pies)
Written by P.S. Gifford

Costumes a-plenty!

Here's the lofty list of the costumes I'd like to have by the time MTAC rolls around in April...

Princess Zelda

Shion Uzuki - Xenosaga

Mitsuru Kirijo - Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 3

Mizaki-chan - Angelic Layer

Plus I'll probably do Nurse Lisa Garland from Silent Hill as well.  :o)

Bring on the costumy goodness!!!!